New Terms

Effective July 28, 2017, we will only accept checks from clients who have an established house account.  All others must use a credit or debit card at the time of the order.  No exceptions.

Credit is a privilege

Greene Florist has managed to survive 30 years of ups and downs in the economy, changes in buying habits, a major recession or two, a split, and 3 moves.  That all didn't happen by chance.  There has been a lot of hard work and adherence to sound business principles that have attributed to the business longevity.  I have been privileged to have several clients who over the years have remained loyal and regular.  While most business these days is transacted by credit card, these loyal regulars enjoy the privileges of house accounts.  

Today I had to sever ties with a business client who abused those privileges.  I am long-suffering and patient, but when past-due notices are mailed out month after month, phone calls made, assurances given of payment on the way, and still no money, I thought it best to part ways.  

I have gone the small-claims court route and found it to be a waste of time.  You gather the evidence, compile all the proof, go before a judge, only to be told the defendant didn't show up, or you wait, make many more appearances, and finally be told by the judge there is nothing you can do.  

The company in arrears has not been hit by the shifts in the economy--in fact they are in several states and have ties with the construction industry, which seems to be doing quite well.

To all my faithful clients who understand I am a small business, and they never abuse the system, I say thank you.  I could not do business without you.  But to the 1-2% who don't take this responsibility seriously, I have no problem saying goodbye.

Our Changing Times...

We have evolved to a phone and internet-ordering business, both for the client's convenience, and for practical purposes.  Every business and service I call has a long, tedious phone menu before I reach a real person, if I even do.  As a small business, I must utilize all available technology for communication between the client and myself.  Please don't hesitate to leave a voice mail message if you need to speak to me.  Otherwise, I have designed a beautiful website that features online ordering, and there is also an email option if you so choose. Many times it is necessary for me to be out of the studio for events, deliveries, or buying.  Same-day delivery is offered for orders received by 1:00.  

Delivery Guidelines

In order to assure a smooth delivery, please always provide us with the recipient's phone number.  A cell phone number would be best.  And please verify addresses.  Googling White Pages is not an option anymore since White Pages now insists on an account with a credit card.  We simply don't have the time to play detective, so please verify all delivery information.  It will help us serve you better!  Thank you!!

The Out-of-Town Dilemma...

I am completely free and independent of wire services.  In the florist industry, there has been a lot of controversy over wire services and some practices that seem fraudulent or at least misleading. My own personal opinion based on my experiences in the past, is that they are in it just for the money, and they do make more than their fair share of it.  They also compete against their own clients, the subscriber florists, by selling outright.  They take a tremendous amount in fees and percentages, and as a small business person, dealing with our current administration's regulations and fees placed on small businesses, I have to operate "mean and lean" to stay profitable.

That being said, I will still "wire out" flowers for my clients.  I do it on a customer-to-customer basis, so there is no value taken off the top.  If you order a $50 bouquet, your recipient gets a $50 bouquet and the sending florist gets $50. I cannot guarantee the work that another shop does.  For that reason, it is probably better if you send it out yourself. 

With the ease and convenience of online ordering, I encourage my clients to order directly when sending flowers out of town.  It is so easy to do.  You simple "google" a florist in the city, choose one, and order.  Make sure who you choose is actually located in that town, as some are not.  You can also check out any customer reviews and examples of their work on the website--if it is actually their own website.  Most florists who are wire service members use stock pictures that are not actually their own...You can find that out by checking out numerous sites--the pictures are all the same.  Who wants to be the same?  



Some answers to some frequently asked questions

Greene Florist is a studio florist.  Let me explain.  We provide all the services of a traditional florist, but as a studio, we have no areas for display open to the public.  Customers are still welcome to come in, but it is best to call for an appointment.  Many times I am out of the shop on deliveries or setting up for an event, or picking up product.  I like the option of hand-selecting the flowers that I sell.  I have a keener eye and am more discriminating than the sales staff at our local wholesalers.

   Always leave a voice mail message when calling  and I will return your call promptly.  I encourage you to order online.  You will see samples of my work, as well as some "designer's choice" options.  It is fast and convenient, and as my thank you for using the website, you get free delivery.  With changes in the economy and the ever-evolving world of retail, I have chosen to adapt with the times and utilize technology for ease in customer ordering.  

  My main goal besides offering premium flowers and beautiful designs, is customer satisfaction.  I will always go to any lengths to make a client happy.


Romantic Summer Wedding

A perfect summer day...the colors taken from the  sunset--blush pink, coral, peach tones, against pale from a summer garden--English garden roses, gerberas, fragrant stock, fluffy hydrangeas, playful veronica, lush dahlias, and succulents...

Victorian House now a residence

Most old-time Noblesville natives know the area where my studio is located as the Craycraft Home.  Built in 1892 by Daniel Craycraft, it was the Craycraft family home for many years.  Over the years the house has been home to many businesses, but this week marks a change for the old house.  It is once again a residence. 

My studio occupies the carriage house at the end of the alley.  To respect the privacy of the Althouse family, any visitors to my studio (appointment only) should enter by way of the public parking lot adjacent to Noblesville City Hall.  Thank you!

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Vintage Easter

From 1897 to the 1950's Easter was the biggest holiday for florists.  Easter floral sales eclipsed all other holidays of the year.  Window displays were elaborate and open houses were often held on Palm Sunday, showcasing the spring flowers, particularly the white trumpet lily--later known as the Easter lily.  

Corsages were more popular than ever before in the early '30s, and were often made of orchids, camellias, or gardenias.  Corsages were larger with two cattleya orchids being very fashionable.  For the mother's corsage, 6 cymbidium orchids and two bows were chosen; for the daughter's, two buds and two fully open cymbidiums with a single bow.  Over the years the Easter corsage has faded in popularity, and most Easter lilies are supplied by mass marketers.

Easter dinner is always a favorite tradition, celebrating with family and friends.  Every table should have a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers to herald the beginning of spring.  Greene Florist extends to each one of you the very best for a Blessed Easter.