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Credit is a privilege

Greene Florist has managed to survive 30 years of ups and downs in the economy, changes in buying habits, a major recession or two, a split, and 3 moves.  That all didn't happen by chance.  There has been a lot of hard work and adherence to sound business principles that have attributed to the business longevity.  I have been privileged to have several clients who over the years have remained loyal and regular.  While most business these days is transacted by credit card, these loyal regulars enjoy the privileges of house accounts.  

Today I had to sever ties with a business client who abused those privileges.  I am long-suffering and patient, but when past-due notices are mailed out month after month, phone calls made, assurances given of payment on the way, and still no money, I thought it best to part ways.  

I have gone the small-claims court route and found it to be a waste of time.  You gather the evidence, compile all the proof, go before a judge, only to be told the defendant didn't show up, or you wait, make many more appearances, and finally be told by the judge there is nothing you can do.  

The company in arrears has not been hit by the shifts in the economy--in fact they are in several states and have ties with the construction industry, which seems to be doing quite well.

To all my faithful clients who understand I am a small business, and they never abuse the system, I say thank you.  I could not do business without you.  But to the 1-2% who don't take this responsibility seriously, I have no problem saying goodbye.

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