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Some answers to some frequently asked questions

Greene Florist is a studio florist.  Let me explain.  We provide all the services of a traditional florist, but as a studio, we have no areas for display open to the public.  Customers are still welcome to come in, but it is best to call for an appointment.  Many times I am out of the shop on deliveries or setting up for an event, or picking up product.  I like the option of hand-selecting the flowers that I sell.  I have a keener eye and am more discriminating than the sales staff at our local wholesalers.

   Always leave a voice mail message when calling  and I will return your call promptly.  I encourage you to order online.  You will see samples of my work, as well as some "designer's choice" options.  It is fast and convenient, and as my thank you for using the website, you get free delivery.  With changes in the economy and the ever-evolving world of retail, I have chosen to adapt with the times and utilize technology for ease in customer ordering.  

  My main goal besides offering premium flowers and beautiful designs, is customer satisfaction.  I will always go to any lengths to make a client happy.


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