Kristi Arpasi, AIFD, CFD


The Out-of-Town Dilemma...

I am completely free and independent of wire services.  In the florist industry, there has been a lot of controversy over wire services and some practices that seem fraudulent or at least misleading. My own personal opinion based on my experiences in the past, is that they are in it just for the money, and they do make more than their fair share of it.  They also compete against their own clients, the subscriber florists, by selling outright.  They take a tremendous amount in fees and percentages, and as a small business person, dealing with our current administration's regulations and fees placed on small businesses, I have to operate "mean and lean" to stay profitable.

That being said, I will still "wire out" flowers for my clients.  I do it on a customer-to-customer basis, so there is no value taken off the top.  If you order a $50 bouquet, your recipient gets a $50 bouquet and the sending florist gets $50. I cannot guarantee the work that another shop does.  For that reason, it is probably better if you send it out yourself. 

With the ease and convenience of online ordering, I encourage my clients to order directly when sending flowers out of town.  It is so easy to do.  You simple "google" a florist in the city, choose one, and order.  Make sure who you choose is actually located in that town, as some are not.  You can also check out any customer reviews and examples of their work on the website--if it is actually their own website.  Most florists who are wire service members use stock pictures that are not actually their own...You can find that out by checking out numerous sites--the pictures are all the same.  Who wants to be the same?  


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