Kristi Arpasi, AIFD, CFD


Vintage Easter

From 1897 to the 1950's Easter was the biggest holiday for florists.  Easter floral sales eclipsed all other holidays of the year.  Window displays were elaborate and open houses were often held on Palm Sunday, showcasing the spring flowers, particularly the white trumpet lily--later known as the Easter lily.  

Corsages were more popular than ever before in the early '30s, and were often made of orchids, camellias, or gardenias.  Corsages were larger with two cattleya orchids being very fashionable.  For the mother's corsage, 6 cymbidium orchids and two bows were chosen; for the daughter's, two buds and two fully open cymbidiums with a single bow.  Over the years the Easter corsage has faded in popularity, and most Easter lilies are supplied by mass marketers.

Easter dinner is always a favorite tradition, celebrating with family and friends.  Every table should have a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers to herald the beginning of spring.  Greene Florist extends to each one of you the very best for a Blessed Easter.


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