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Kristi Arpasi, AIFD

Boho-chic style

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Bohemian Chic is a design style that is driven by the fashion industry, and is fast becoming the hottest new trend in the floral industry.  It is defined by an appreciation for the effortless and subtle beauty of nature.  Boho-chic style embodies natural, organic elements.  It's free-flowing, has that "just picked from the garden" look, is not chaotic, but not that stuffy look of early floral design school compositions.  It's wild and whimsical, original and unique, non-conformist.  

A bohemian is defined as a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer, who lives by their own rules, their own definition of style, and does not often conform to social style guidelines.

Growing up studying music, I spent 5 years in the Indianapolis Youth Symphony where I was exposed to music and ballet on the campus of Butler University.  I found the arts to be intriguing and intoxicating and these memories have influenced my design style.

I liken it to piano study.  I studied piano for 16 years.  Then I met a woman named Beverly Howard who never had a lesson but played more beautifully than I had ever heard, using embellishments, key changes, and improvisations so masterfully.  I had to ask myself why I was not doing this.  I came to see that although I value education--music theory and hours and hours of practice reading written music, you can develop a constrained approach.  Doing everything by rote limits creativity and freedom of style.

The same can be said in floral design.  Design school, class after class, mechanics,--all are important in learning a basic foundation, as well as a good understanding of the principles of design.  But sooner or later you have to spread your wings and leave the comfortable nest of convention and rules.

In studying natural growth habit, you just see flowers and foliages and they all seem to be growing together in perfect harmony without a focal point, form, line, or contrived position of flowers. It's kind of like the old Dutch masters' paintings where fantastic flowers seen to just spill out of the vase landing in their positions at random.  They just reach for the light.  Bohemian style lets you be your true self.  Let your light shine out in beautiful rays upon the world.

Keep reaching for the light,