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Kristi Arpasi, AIFD

Flowers out of town

Kristi ArpasiComment

Most of my regular clientele know that I have structured my business a little differently than most traditional florist shops.  For one, Greene Florist is a studio--meaning there is no walk-in shopping.  Orders are made by phone or online.  I also am completely independent of any and all wire services, such as FTD or Teleflora.  

In the past, I have offered out-of-town floral service to all customers.  I would place the order for the customer, using a shop in that town that I had researched or had some prior connection to.

I am announcing a new policy effective immediately.  While I am happy to continue placing out-of-town orders for my current clients, I will no longer be offering this service.  I encourage you to google a shop in the city you want to send and place the order with your credit card.  In the event something goes wrong, I have no recourse.  You may ask why not belong to a wire service then?  My business model has always been independence--no look-alike bouquets, no specialty "collector" containers, and no 27% cut in the value of the order.