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It has recently become popular for funeral homes to offer direct flower ordering on their websites. This is convenient. You are visiting the obituary anyway, and there is a button that says “Order Flowers” which makes it easy. They even state that you “ save all wire service fees by ordering directly from their site.”

I deliberated whether I should write this post or not, and after receiving an order that was misdirected to me that should have gone to North Carolina, I decided to speak up.

Here is what really happens. The host for the website—not the funeral home—has a hidden profit of 27% of the order. So if you happen to order a $100 arrangement, you are really getting a $73 arrangement. That is quite a difference if you were expecting $100. Also, if the florist has a delivery fee, that gets charged to you as well, along with another delivery fee charged by the website host! I had one client who showed me her receipt, and she had a $20 fee added onto her total for a handling charge.

I don’t understand why a large company that hosts funeral websites nationwide needs to take a cut on the flowers. I don’t know what a funeral home typically pays this company to host their website, but it has to be a substantial amount. My small business pays a little over $300 a year for an independent website designed by me.

So when you are ordering flowers, it is better to call direct or order direct from a florist’s website. You will have no middleman, and you will get the full value of your order.