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Let's Get FRESH!

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Pinterest is the greatest tool to share ideas and pictures. I use it all the time with clients for weddings and events. The only downside is that it isn't realistic. The whole DIY movement implies that you can do anything by only downloading a picture. In many cases you can. But not everything is as simple as it looks. Take flower preparation, for example. There are a lot of “behind the scenes” processes that take place before that flower goes down the aisle in your wedding bouquet.


To illustrate, this is a lisianthus blossom that was broken off and left on the pavement on Monday. We had a rain storm that night, and 2 days of intense sun, humidity, and August Indiana heat. Still this very delicate blossom looks decent at 6 PM on Wednesday!

I have brides who want to do part of their wedding flowers and while I wouldn't discourage that if they have some knowledge and background in floral design, it could be a disaster if something went wrong. And that is just some stress you don’t need on the biggest day of your life.