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Kristi Arpasi, AIFD


Kristi ArpasiComment

One behind-the-scenes facet of floral design that is really important is mechanics.  Without good mechanics, some of those tall party pieces or even large funeral arrangements would fall apart at the first roundabout taken too fast, or the first time the delivery driver has to slam on the brakes to prevent a rear-end collision with another driver whose attention is being taken up by a cell phone.  You may ask--mechanics?  Mechanics are those techniques that create stability and assure the design gets there in one piece.  As a child growing up on the farm, I was fascinated with my Dad's tool shed.  There were so many tools in there and the ideas would just flow every time I ventured out there.  I later honed those mechanical skills in design school, but everything has a start--right?  

I wanted to offer some information that will be helpful in "undoing some mechanics"--namely hot glue.  If you ever want to remove hot glue without damaging a figurine or other such glued item, simply apply rubbing alcohol to the glue and that will dissolve it.  I like to use a small artist paintbrush--it gets into the crevices easily and coats the glue.  

Hope that helps!